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International visitors who wish to visit Sri Lanka for a short stay for sightseeing, holidaying or undergoing medical treatment need to apply for Sri Lankan visa. The visitors need to apply for ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for Sri Lanka in order to gain access to the Sri Lankan territory. The ETA application process is completely online in nature wherein the applicants can apply for Sri Lankan visa from the comfort their homes. The ETA approval document is directly e mailed to the email id provided by the applicant.


There is no need to submit any original documents or passport to the government as the whole process is electronic. At most the applicants will be asked to submit the soft copies of these documents. The applicants need to fill the form provided by our website ETA Sri lanka. The visa is valid for double entry with an initial time duration of 30 days. The e visa can be further extended by 6 months.


Services provided by

Our website is a service provider for ETA approval. Our team of well trained professionals inform the applicants about all the details related to ETA application. The visitors have to simply click on the Apply now icon on our website. Then they have to fill in the details which are mandatory. The applicants should duly note that the details have to be accurate. Any discrepancies might lead to unnecessary delays in ETA approval. The ETA is provided against the passport number.


Once the ETA application is submitted to us along with our service fees we forward the application to the Sri Lankan government for approval. The acknowledgement receipt is emailed to the applicant within 24 working hours. Sri Lanka’s Department of Immigration and Emigration then decides upon the application. Usually the ETA application is approved within 24 hours. The ETA approval is mailed promptly by us to the applicants on their email.


In case the ETA application is not approved by the official authorities a referral notice is sent to the applicant. He/She can visit the nearest Sri Lankan Embassy along with this referral notice. The applicants should duly note that online ETA visa is available only for tourist and transit purposes. One has to apply directly at the Sri Lankan embassy for business visas. ETA services are also not available for visitors coming to Sri Lanka for meeting with political organizations,NGOs or for journalistic conferences.


Things to keep in mind after ETA approval:

The International visitors are eligible to travel to Sri Lanka after ETA approval. There are certain rules and regulations related to entry and stay in Sri Lanka. It's advisable for the visitors to go through these below mentioned rules in order to avoid any mistake.
1. The visitor should keep a printout of the ETA approval with themselves. They might be asked to produce it at the port of entry in Sri Lanka.
2. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months more than the date of arrival of the visitor.
3. The visitor should possess a confirmed return ticket.
4. He/She should have enough cash to comfortably stay in Sri Lanka during the whole visit.
5. The ETA is linked to the passport number. Multiple/Duplicate ETA applications will be cancelled by the Sri Lankan government.


Easy & Instant ETA Process :

1. Select the visa that suits for your purpose of visit to Sri Lanka.
2. Fill-in online application and Pay online instantly.
3. Get your ETA Visa. Once you’ve got your visa, you’re eligible to travel to Sri Lanka


Value Added Services:-

1. Rechecking of ETA application form before final submission.
2. 24*7 Customer care number and email support.
3. Recovery of ETA in case of loss/theft.
4. Constant updates on the ETA application.
5. No need to fill the application form again.
6. A team of Interpreters to overcome language barriers.
7. Live expert support team assistance during filling of application. Read More


Disclaimer: is a commercial website and is not linked to the Sri Lankan government. We charge relevant charges for our services. The department of immigration and emigration of Sri Lanka is the sole official authority related to ETA. Our website provides ETA services to the applicants as a third party. Decisions pertaining to entry of an applicant to Sri Lanka is under the sole discretion of the Sri Lankan government. The applicants are free to apply for ETA directly through the official website without paying any additional charges. All applicants are advised to read our Terms & conditions carefully before applying for ETA through our website


Sri Lanka ETA visas are electronic; therefore no stamp or label will be placed or is required to be placed, in your passport. The visa is linked to your passport number.



(a) The applicants are strictly advised to recheck their ETA application form before final submission.
(b) The applicants will not be allowed to edit/improve their ETA application after final submission.
(c) The applicants will not be allowed to apply for another Sri Lankan ETA for the next 6 months.
(d) If the ETA application is rejected by the Sri Lankan authorities due to furnishing of wrong details by the applicant,our website cannot be held accountable in any way.
(e) Children of any nationality under 11 years of age the fee will be charged $15.
(f) For Pakistan and Egypt passport holder, the ETA for Srilanka will be delievered in 4-5 working days


Disclaimer: is a commercial website. We are not the Embassy/Consulate/High Commission or the representative of any Government Department of Sri Lanka. If you apply through, we will consult, support all required documents for your ETA Visa applications and you will get your ETA visa update frequently and get ETA result from us. To apply e-Visa under our processing, you will be charged service fee and Sri Lankan Government Fee. Besides that, you can apply in person at Sri Lankan Missions or official Sri Lankan Government Website. Our fee will be higher than you apply directly on Sri Lanka Government Website or at Sri Lanka Missions in your country. If you prefer a non-guided service, you can visit the Sri Lanka Government website.
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